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Located in Austin,Texas, Bibble Labs was founded in the spring of 2000 to develop software for decoding raw files from the Nikon D1 camera.

Bibble started life as a pet project for Bibble Labs founder Eric Hyman. Early versions lacked the power of the most recent offering, but provided users of the Nikon D1 with an inexpensive alternative to costly software provided by the camera's manufacturer. A Macintosh version was soon to follow and during the ensuing months, many new features were added at the suggestion of Bibble's rapidly growing user base. With Bibble, users could now quickly perform incredible "after the fact" image manipulations, correcting white balance or exposure errors all with a single mouse click.

By 2002 support had been added for a host of new cameras. Features included a built-in Photoshop plug-in, enhanced workflow, and blazing speed.

With the release of Bibble 4.0, Bibble Labs returns to the forefront as a provider of Raw Workflow technologies and leads the way with its support of the Linux platform. This ground breaking version builds on our tradition of superb quality, fast image processing, and a simple yet powerful workflow to provide more power and flexibility to our users.

Today Bibble is in use by thousands of photographers all over the world ranging from hobbyists, photojournalists, and small portrait shops to major publications, Fortune 500 companies, and many branches of the US government.

Bibble Labs also licenses Raw Image Processing for integration into other companies' products. Our technology has powered raw support for products by Extensis and JASC/Corel and Kodak.

Bibble Labs is fully committed to the "try before you buy" concept. Completely functional, free trial versions of our software are always available on our website. Our products are continually improved to bring you exciting new features and higher levels of quality to older images.

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