Bibble Labs Announces a Discount Upgrade Path for Pixmantec Customers

Pixmantec RawShooter Premium Customers Gain Bibble Power at a Discount - for a Limited Time

AUSTIN TX, (June 27, 2006) - Yesterday, Adobe announced the purchase of Pixmantec ApS technology assets, and noted that RawShooter Premium will be discontinued. As a result, Bibble Labs is announcing a discounted competitive upgrade path for current RawShooter Premium customers.

“Adobe's announcement validates the need for competition amongst RAW Workflow applications like Bibble Pro for photo professionals and enthusiasts alike” says Eric Hyman, president and CEO of Bibble Labs, Inc. “Since our inception in 2000, we’ve been committed to developing the best cross platform RAW Workflow application, and to bringing value to our customers - both current and new - through powerful tools and frequent upgrades and are happy to provide an upgrade path for Pixmantec's existing customers.”

The limited time, discounted upgrade is available to all current RSP customers with valid proof of purchase, and offers Bibble Pro for $99.95, a $30 discount over the retail price. “This upgrade provides a robust, supported product alternative for those customers of Pixmantec affected by this acquisition. By becoming Bibble Pro users now, RSP users will enjoy the speed and quality Bibble provides, as well as our established history of product improvement and upgrades - like those in Bibble Pro 4.8, launched just days ago.” RSP users interested in this upgrade offer should visit for additional details. “RSP users may choose to wait for Lightroom to eventually ship to gain additional features or camera support. Those that want to upgrade sooner have that option with Bibble, and for a limited time at a large discount over our normal retail price.”

Bibble Labs has launched three major upgrades this year to its Bibble Pro and Bibble Lite applications. Each upgrade has introduced major new features, such as inclusion of Noise Ninja technology and Perfectly Clear as well as support for new cameras, and improved conversion speed and quality. “With Raw conversion being such an important part of many people’s workflow, we know the importance of a product having both a history and a future. Supporting our customers is important to me personally, and to Bibble Labs as a whole” says Hyman “and one way we do this is by offering upgrades with powerful new features as often as possible.”


Bibble is available in both "Pro" ($129.95) and "Lite" ($69.95) versions for Windows, Macintosh (PPC/Intel) and Linux. For a limited time, Bibble Labs is offering a $30 discount on Bibble Pro for registered RawShooter Premium customers. Please visit our web site at for details on this offer or to download a fully functional 14 day trial version.

About Bibble Labs:

Located in Austin, Texas, Bibble Labs Inc was founded in 2000 to develop technologies and software for high quality processing of raw files from a wide variety of digital cameras. Bibble Labs’ stand-alone products are used by thousands of photographers all over the world to quickly and accurately process their raw photos. Bibble Labs’ technologies and expertise are increasingly becoming the standard other companies turn to when they wish to embed raw image processing technology in their products. For more information, please visit our web site at: Licensing inquiries may be addressed to