Apply essentially any image adjustment selectively to a portion of your image through Bibble 5's Layers & Regions tool, providing maximum creative freedom.


Import images into a Bibble 5 Catalog, or work directly from your file-system. Search and access images from many Catalogs at once - truly flexible workflow.

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Precise Control with Selective Editing

Selectively apply essentially any image adjustment with Bibble 5's Layers & Regions, providing maximum creative freedom. Create multiple layers with circular, polygonal, curved or painted regions that include any of Bibble 5's expansive editing tools to hone in on the look you want.

Bibble 5's Selective Editing is completely non-destructive, and isn't limited to a small set of tools. Selective Editing is tightly incorporated into a complete Bibble 5 workflow: Copy & paste Regions from image to image, and add, delete, rename, and re-order Layers & Regions in the Layer Manager.

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Asset Management Freedom

This video shows just a tiny fraction of the great new features and power we're building into Bibble 5, but should give you an idea of the workflow benefits we have in store for you.

This shows Bibble 5 Comparison view, with several images viewed simultaneously at 100% zoom. You can lock the views together, so panning and zooming one effects the others, or your can quickly unlock then to zoom and pan separately.

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Bibble 5 Editing Tools

Amazingly Powerful Workflow

Based on 8 years of feedback from professional photographers from around the world, overall usability in Bibble 5's User Interface has been greatly improved. Bibble 5 allows you total freedom to design your workflow to match your needs and demands. Some of Bibble 5's workflow features include:

Built for Speed

We're taking speed and efficiency very seriously. Here's a brief video showing how well Bibble 5 performs on a very high-end machine. But Bibble 5's speed benefits are not just for those with 16 cpus; it's also designed to be efficient and fast on lower-powered machines, like notebooks or older desktops.

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