Photo Management with Bibble 5

Bibble 5 offers a full suite of photo management tools to allow you to quickly organize your existing digital photographs and allows you to quickly add additional photos or catalogs of photos at any time. Once you've imported your images into a Bibble 5 Catalog, Bibble 5's asset management features provide all the tools necessary to help you find the photos you want.

Building a Bibble 5 Library & Catalogs

Importing all your photographic work into one or more Bibble 5 Catalogs is quick and easy. You have several choices of how to import, where to store the images, and what Catalog folders you want to create during the import.

Importing Options

(Read more about importing options in our online Bibble 5 User's Guide)

Using Bibble 5 Library & Catalogs

Once your images have been imported into a Bibble 5 Catalog, you can find your images in several different ways - all organized on the Library tab.

Finding images in Bibble 5 Catalogs

Don't Need Asset Management? No Problem.

Bibble 5 is the only photographic workflow application that makes the complete asset management system optional. If you already organize your images into folders on your computer, then working with Bibble 5 is simple. Just click the File System tab and click on the folder you want to work in. That's it. No need to import or worry about cataloging at all.

Bibble 5's flexible worklfow possibilities ensure that Bibble will conform to how you want to work.