Photo by Arjan Koetsier

Event Printing with Bibble 5

Bibble 5's high-speed, high-quality background printing engine is ideally suited for Event Printing situations where time-to-print is critical. Setup one or more printers, create a print layout, and with one key you can send images off to the printer.

Background printing allows you to setup the paper type, size, layout, printer color profile, and any other printer or image settings once before you start printing. Then, drag thumbnails or use any other method to send images to this Print Batch, and these will be processed according to your settings, and immediately sent to the printer.

Watched Folders

Combining background printing and watched folders, you can have a totally automated printing engine! Watching a folder will send any new files added to that folder to any print or batch output that you define. So, watching a folder that you shoot tethered to, and configuring Bibble to send all new images to a background print queue results in a zero-touch event printing solution that is unrivaled in speed and flexiliblity by any photographic workflow application.